London Decadence(A Twitter story!)

I wrote on Twitter about a week ago about wanting to recreate the famous poster from Ryu Murakami’s smut filled classic, Tokyo Decadence.





The film is based off of an anthology  called Topaz which follows various sex workers within Tokyo from a first person narrative. The film however is a pink film, a type of very soft core erotic film which isn’t as graphic as porn but has gratuitous sexual themes. It focuses on the experiences of a professional SM lady in Tokyo. She works as a submissive as well as a domme so I suppose she’s a big of a Switch like myself. The film however does focus more on more niche fetishes and fetish escorts rather than BDSM in general however. Although I prefer the novel Topaz, the film is also a funny watch

A fun Dom client I’ve met a few times reached out to me, because coincidentally the photo looks like the top of his well located luxury flat in London. So we made a booking out of it!

I think we’ve gotten pretty close😂! I’m a bit more bootylicious though. Thanks so much for this fun meeting!