PSE vs Submissive Sessions

Hello everyone! if you’ve read around my website, you will notice that I provide BDSM Switch(Submissive/Domination) & Girlfriend Experience(GFE) as a London based high-class kinky escort. What you may be confused about are certain terms often used online by various companions regarding the services they offer. When terms are compared, its almost always between a pornstar experience (PSE) and the girlfriend experience(GFE). There are plenty of blog posts on these two things. While I personally only offer GFE, I have to say that these two things are greatly different. Neither are more superior than the other, different strokes for different folks! However many tend to be confused thinking that being submissive is the same as offering a PSE while this could not be further from the truth.

So, what exactly is a PSE? This of course depends on the provider themselves and what is agreed upon beforehand. But as a general consensus we can say that the varied acrobatic positions we often see in porn as well as the dirty talk, moaning and sometimes “greek”/a play are considered all to be apart of PSE bookings(again this will depend on the provider). Basically your kinky mainstream porn fantasy, is what we think of generally as a Pornstar Experience booking.

As for submission and BDSM sessions? These generally involve more of a power dynamic than the PSE. A BDSM/Switch/Submissive booking may consist of roleplay, corporal punishment, games, binding and other ways of implementing the power dynamics of the parties at hand. As with all special services, what BDSM and specifically submissive bookings consist of depends on the provider at hand. Some of the roleplay may be similar to scenarios you’ve seen in porn(naughty secretary, saucy nurses, corrupt police women, demure Nuns) however the actual act of intercourse may be demure in nature compared to the PSE, because the idea of the power dynamic of SM is the main focus rather than the theatrics of Porn or what the PSE may consist of.

So how are they different? For myself personally, I don’t watch pornography yet I don’t shame people that do. To each their own:) That doesn’t mean that I’m not a pervert though(haha) My interests in BDSM are the sheer unadulterated power dynamics and using roleplay as a way to explore ones own psyche, sexuality and expand existing kinks.

While Pornstar Experience (PSE) and BDSM(Submissive/Dominant/Switch) sessions may seem similar, you should always talk to the provider at hand and ask them what their specific services consist of : )

Mimi x


I am a Central London based luxury Black/Ebony Escort and Professional BDSM Switch(Submissive/Domme). I offer dinner dates and intimate dates as an all around companion.

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