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Gifts are truly always appreciated however never expected, however as an escort/companion, the first time I’ve received gifts I felt a sense of somewhat shame. As a child, I was reared with the values of self determination and not “begging”. Therefore growing up, I have had to learn through experience the values of learning how to ask for help, being a bit vulnerable and yes, even accepting gifts. Fun fact: In Tokyo, where I lived for many years, gifts are supposed to be accepted in private in order to show humility, grace and hide your true response to said gift. I have a really silly habit of keeping this practise up(alongside covering my mouth while laughing/eating) . Combining my upbringing and mesh with habits from Japan, I have been slowly but surely learning to accept certain gifts.

Considering my 22nd birthday is next Saturday(I’ll be in Paris. Yay!), but I have had a few lovers of mine ask if I was interested in being gifted on my birthday. This is why I took the time to make an Amazon Wishlist. Primarily so clients who are inclined to bring a gift, or are curious about which lingerie looks best on me, or a book we can chat about over dinner…To my lovers I see regularly, I even gift them occasionally when there is a special date in their lives :)

As I always state, gifts are never expected. However there’s no shame in admitting that they are a nice way to make someone happy in your life. If you’d like to donate to a charity, I recommend Kiva which is a foundation and crowdfunding website dedicated to loaning money to aspiring business owners in less financially well off nations.


Mimi x


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