Hamilton: West End Musical, Great day out!


Hamilton West End: A Musical Experience

Hello everyone! For the past two years I’ve had this little ear bug of the soundtrack from the Broadway production, Hamilton. The musical is about one of America’s founding fathers Alexander Hamilton who happens to be on the ten dollar bill. I remember as a child in surburbia American summer and playing “duel” with water guns. All most Americans and myself knew about Alexander Hamilton, before the musical, is that he died in a duel with then Vice President Aaron Burr. And no, Hamilton wasn’t a President like many of us thought as well. Well the music incorporates modern stylings of music mainly being hip hop and R&B as well as a diverse casting. Perhaps it sounds a bit cheesy(as I thought before) but the musical is actually REALLY good. Take my word for it!

Despite British people may not having much of a history background or a cultural connection to the Revolutionary War, the musical follows the main narrative of an orphan immigrant from poverty pulling himself up via his intellect and establishing the foundation of America’s federal government. I believe Hamilton is inspiring for anyone whose ever felt like a small fish in a big pond, or desired to overcome their situation.

The West End production in London’s Victoria Palace Theatre is highly sought after and I had to get my ticket in January, for the August show! However if you’re interested it’s well worth the wait.

Mimi Fawn