Decadence & Debauchery


I recently had a lovely social, dinner date and BDSM session with a favourite submissive pet of mine.

I love museums, so does he. So we enjoyed ourselves at the Tate Britain. London has so many wonderful museums, most not requiring booking, and with world class art. 

He gave me the task and budget of acquiring our accommodation for the night. Even though I’ll have my own luxe incall starting in November, I still would like booking five star hotels every now and then. 

Our hotel had the perfect view of Embankment pier. It was truly beautiful to walk along as the evening came.



After the Tate Britian I was spoiled to a really nice Italian restaurant nearby. The portions were perfectly sized, seasoned and made a great three course meal. The beauty of going on so many dinner dates(outside of loving to eat!) is I get to try so many different types of foods.


That night, once we got back we switched the booking a bit. Although l’m usually Mistress Mimi to dear Mr.M we had fun switching. It was really nice to be dominated by him, and discussing my limits and likes beforehand. However - it felt great to be back in charge once the tables turned.


We woke up to a romantic rainy London Sunday morning. I was also gifted to this very cute Macaron recipe book which has been on my wish list for quite a while.


I had a really great time! It’s always great to have gentlemen who I can explore my dominant side with but also take control over me. I take a more sensual approach to BDSM so having an entire night to play with one another really does spice things up.

Until next time! 



I am a London based luxury ebony/black escort/companion & professional BDSM Switch(femdomme/ Submissive) . Feel free to check out my website here or my Twitter. I am also a social companion and dinner date companion☺️


 Lovely Tiramisu 😊 

Lovely Tiramisu 😊