Splendid Overnight: Picasso & A Night To Remember

When you hire an escort, whether it be a BDSM specialist, a high class companion or someone in-between the experience is as different as sampling a variety of cuisine. As an all around social as well as bedroom companion, I thoroughly enjoy a nice social date mixed with kinky fun.
When Mr.M first sent me a message I was a bit surprised, given that he had never seen a companion/escort before, only trained dommes. As much as I love switch sessions and letting my dominant side thrive, I would consider myself more sensual rather than a trained dominatrix giving corporal punishment. For me the power dynamic in BDSM is the most interesting.

Mr.M sent me an Amazon voucher as a deposit, and I went on to book a hotel for us. For my lovers who know me best, will know that I do not have a private Incall flat of my own at the moment. However if a gentleman is inclined, and gives me good notice I will reserve an appropriate hotel or accommodation. I tried to pick something upmarket this time, to match the tone of the evening. Five star, in London’s Southbank area with amazing views of the city and St.Paul’s. I’ll save the name for your imagination...

The date was one of a first, a museum date at the Tate. I was quite shocked because I didn’t know museums stayed open until so late, however the Tate Modern in London has some exhibits close at 10pm. For the night owl in me - I couldn’t help but be happily surprised at the prospects. The exhibit was one by Pablo Picasso. I can’t say I know much about modern art, however I admired the quirks of each piece.

My lover? M was very keen on seeing a Picasso painting in person at a museum. We chat all week about food arrangements, accommodation and play arrangements. I waited anxiously for our date, thinking all week of what I was to wear and bring. I even set up a twitter casual poll about which lingerie would suit me best! 


 I met him yesterday at the Tate Modern, and wore my beige trench coat and saucy little white dress underneath. I usually don’t show too much cleavage, but life is short!


As we went on, we admired many of the pieces in the museum. I made a few goofy remarks as well, but ultimately I felt happy I was able to see such famous art pieces.

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After that M and I walked hand in hand through the Southbank with jazz music by street musicians softly playing in the background and the night beginning to be cool as autumn is coming. He handed me a bag, in it was a gift from my wishlist. An autobiography of Alexander Hamilton which I’ve been wanting to read for a while and the other being the envelope of my fee for the date. I thanked him and gave him a tender kiss under the moonlight, and from there we headed towards the restaurant.

Next, we went to the OXO Tower Brasserie. We had dinner reservations and I couldn’t have been happier as the view was unforgettable. I have a low alcohol tolerance, so try not to drink very much on dates, however the wine we tried was so sharp and good! Over dinner we had a great time talking about some favorite series of ours. Westworld, Bladerunner and Star Wars came up a lot. It’s always fun meeting fellow brazen geeks like myself, and even more fun to have a dinner meeting with a lover who I really get on with. At dinner I had the pork steak, feta salad and finished it off with strawberry dessert for us to share x


As we left the restaurant and headed towards the bedroom, my lover asked me “Mistress, how would you like me waiting for me?”
It was my turn to take control. He waited for me, on his knees and after putting on my lingerie, I seductively tied his arms, blindfold him and we played a fun little game. Punishment or Worship, where I would ask him a series of trivia questions and spank him during his answering period. If he met my qualifications, I was a kind mistress who let him worship my peachy bottom or cute painted & toes. If he didn’t meet my qualifications...well there was punishment. I’m not a very graphic person, however and I respect my lover enough to keep some things between us 



In the morning, we woke up, kissed passionately and chat a bit more and talked possible travel plans. I really could’ve stayed all day talking! That’s one reason I love being a companion/Escort, all the opportunity to spend time with lovers who match you equally in intellect and kink.

The rest of my day I spent floating home thinking of dates to come... Thank you M for a lovely evening and morning!

I am a Central London based high-class VIP escort/companion who also specialises in BDSM meets(Submissive/Switch/Domme). I also provide overnights, social dates, dungeon meets and girlfriend experience. Read more about me here or my Twitter :)

 I'll be reading this for weeks to come x

I'll be reading this for weeks to come x