Switch Sessions: Beauty of Duality

The Beauty of a Switch Session

The Beauty of a Switch Session(Submissive + Domme)

The allure of BDSM-play to the media & laymen lies predominantly in the mystique of a powerful femme fatale who uses her good looks, sharp tongue and charms to have men at her every whim. She subjugates her clients, usually corporate powerhouses by day and all giving submissive slaves by moonlight, to an array of erotic torture, corporal punishments and abusive tongue lashings. Forcing, him to worship every inch of her body and give utter devotion.

The other side to this spectrum would be for characters like Christian Grey. The daddy, the boss, the perfect gentleman who feels oh so ashamed by being turned on at having a submissive at his beck and call.

As prevalent as these stark images are in the media, real SM relationships and encounters are dynamic, multi layered and not always so simple. Sexuality isn’t a black and white as most people think and more closer to a sliding scale in my opinion. Whether it be orientation, interests and kinks. Sadly, Switch play is largely ignored by the media even within BDSM circles and communities.

I have been a professional submissive for a little over a year now, not to mention my years of BDSM play in my personal life. Within that time I came to the realization that, as much as I love having my bottom spanked, role playing and letting go of control, I also yearn for dominating as well. I went away from sessions with me having my bottom/bum/ass worshipped sensually or having my very own man slave, tied up and willing to please me in each and every way, with immense feelings of pleasure but feelings of confusion as well.

“Does this mean that I am not totally submissive?” I wondered. Mind you, in my “other” life, the one where I am not Mimi Fawn, a London high class ebony escort and professional Switch, I am truly a goody two-shoes—my personal life so to say. I dot all my I’s, cross my t’s, always punctual and well groomed for every situation. I would most certainly be seen by my peers as demure, mousy and overall “submissive”. I’m not much of a horoscope girl, but my birthday is exactly on the cusp of Virgo and Libra. I truly embody the qualities of both signs. Due to my natural personality, when I started to dabble in SM play I naturally assumed that I must surely be submissive sexually as well.

However, I’ve always had a tiny rebellious streak. Like Goldilocks I’ve never been pleased by stark extremes. My sexuality is highly nuanced. Therefore, I became a Switch to satisfy the desires for both ends of the dynamic I may have. One day there may be a consensual non-consent session where I play a helpless damsel in distress. Or having my peachy bottom spanked. The next day, I may spend a session where instead of being paddled and sparked, my ass is worshipped sensually.

Selfish? Perhaps. But I’ve become a companion because I genuinely like it, and apart of providing kink sessions is understanding the link themselves more intimately. By playing the role of Switch, I am easily able to put myself in the headspace of both dynamics. During sessions as a sensual domme, my background in submission allows me to explore aspects of play such as humiliation, corporal punishment, bondage to name a few. During sessions as a submissive, I know exactly the thrill of having a powerless lover at my whim and having complete power over them. Only by being a professional BDSM Switch, am I able to put myself in both shoes, to offer a truly intimate meeting with lovers and genuine enjoyment for myself.

I am a London based ebony/exotic/black VIP Companion who provides Switch(Submissive/Domme) sessions alongside dinner dates and girlfriend experience.
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