I was emailed earlier this week about a two hour switch booking, which really appealed to me. To those unfamiliar, a “Switch” in BDSM happens to be a person who goes both ways. Switch sessions usually start off with one participant being the dominant and the other submissive, however halfway through the power dynamic becomes reversed. Although I’m sure there’s plenty who put their own groove to switch sessions, that’s the general just of them.

I’m a natural submissive, in and outside of bed. I don’t like to cause too much trouble, and when I’m a cheeky brat I like to be firmly put in my place. A common misconception is that subs are subs and doms are doms. And while I do love a firm spanking on my bottom, it’s always fun getting a chance to enjoy my dominant side and take the lead. I agreed to the gentleman’s booking and we discussed intimately the exact kind of roleplay and session he was interested in…

I’ve never been the type to get pleasure from hurting others — but the power dynamic of a switch booking interested me the most. The gentleman, “Mr.C”, visiting from overseas was a dream client. He sent me in exact details on his fantasy, interests and wishes for the booking. (Psst–I love bookings like these! I want to please you. Let me know how  )

His fantasy was to meet discretely at a bar prior to our booking, chat, have wine and go separately to the respective accommodation where he would be there waiting to worship my body.

While I’ve never met any client at a bar before(besides dinner dates) this certainly piqued my interests and I was happy he requested something new for me.


As I got on the tube to West London, I started to re-read a favorite of mine, The $100 Start-up(a must read for aspiring entrepreneurs!) but I found that I just could not focus. I was far to excited about the booking and changing power dynamics for once.

Mr.C had an outfit request too. A tight fitting top and a cute mid length skirt. Although I usually dress a bit more demure I found it fun accommodating this request. My current style interest is similar to the 1990’s film Clueless. Plaid skirts and preppy blouses are always fun.


Upon arriving at our designated bar Mr.C greeted me with a smile and this commenced our fantasy meeting of a beautiful young girl being seduced by a posh businessman into his hotel room.

I’m not the type to kiss-and-tell, but I will say my favorite aspects of Switch bookings is body worship. Having my bum, legs and feet worshipped like a goddess one second and being spanked the next will never get old!

Until next time

Mimi ♥︎


I offer BDSM submissive girlfriend experience and Switch bookings in London for the same rates.



Mimi Fawn