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An Introduction...


Hello there...

My name is Mimi Fawn, and akin to my namesake I’m an exotic doe-eyed beauty. I have a softly spoken Great Lakes region accent, but an adventurous spirit which has led me to live in three continents, and become bilingual in a rather unusual second language all before my 20th birthday. The idea of something being “Impossible” has never been mindset, and as a high achiever I always aim to be my best. That’s perhaps why I’m here, a good girl with a yearning for experiences that my small town upbringing couldn’t provide me. Being a companion is only one of my many pursuits as of now. I spend my time outside of my life as a companion at university, writing, travelling and pursuing new hobbies. Whether it be cooking, photography, costuming, or cross wording(I’m only half kidding) I really do enjoy trying new things socially as well as intimately. I sometimes wish that I were a genius in a specialised field, but instead I tend to dabble in a multitude of activities.

If you’ve looked at my active Twitter feed you’ve probably picked up—I am the embodiment of the term “geek chic". I love documentaries, games, and science fiction. I also have an embarrassingly large collection of memorabilia from favourite series of mine and know far  too many trivia facts about pop culture(Pub quiz anyone?). Some of my favourite dates have been to live music shows,  museums, and cinemas. Despite my “adorkable” personality, I serve as an intellectual equal and one of my favourite aspects of being a companion is having lovely gentlemen to converse and connect with. Being that I have the experience of travelling as well, I tend to have a nuanced view on a variety of topics and discussions. Having lived and been immersed and very different cultures from a young age has allowed me to have the perspective that comes with it.

Another aspect of why I am a companion, is of course the aspect of serving as a healer. I believe that sensuality, passion and pursuits should be uninhibited and without shame. As an active BDSM private companion, I enjoy tying up gentlemen to use at my every whim and pleasure or in turn, being bent over your knee and spanked silly. The truth is, I’m a closeted pervert, and getting up to kinky encounters is what I’m all about.

Essentially, my goal and passion is to make smiles and to enjoy sensual encounters. If you're itching to know more about myself or my personality I have my very own blog here and an active Twitter presence. 


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Age: Early 20’s
Height: 5’7 without heels
Dress size: UK 10
Shoe Size: UK Size 6.5
Orientation: Bisexual
Nationality: American
Education: BA
Interests: History(I know far too much about Genghis Khan and the age of enlightenment!), Documentaries, Science Fiction
Favourite Literature: Ryu Murakami, JD Salinger