Mimi Fawn
Mimi Fawn
Central London High-class Ebony Escort & BDSM Companion


An Introduction...

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To exhibit affection or attempt to please

Hello there...

My name is Mimi Fawn, and akin to my namesake I’m as sweet as pie and an exotic doe-eyed beauty. I have a soft spoken Midwestern slightly Canadian accent, somewhat between the small town girl next door and a literary manic pixie dream girl. I have soft caramel toned skin, a tall straight aquiline nose and fluttering exotic brown eyes. Without being braggadocios, I’ve often been described as a real-life Disney Princess with one testimonial calling me an “exotic fairy”. I have to admit that I’m 100% human, but any experience with myself is magical. I consider myself to be "adorkable", cheesy I know! But I'm as sweet inside as I am outside and I love to make those around me feel at ease with my goofy yet easy to get along with personality. While I happen to be soft spoken, don't let that fool you. I have a lot to say, and within discourse I love to learn new things and expand my own beliefs. I consider myself to be open to new experiences and ideas.

I have a penchant for traveling, at just 17 I moved to another continent and in my early 20’s I’m living in my third country yet. My goal before thirty is traveling to all seven continents(including Antarctica). A thing I’ve learned in my travels is that, nearly everyone desires warm, comfortable and fun interactions. My goal and passion is to make others smile and have a great time. If you'd itching to know more about myself or my personality I have my very own blog here and an active Twitter presence. 



Age: Early 20’s
Height: 5’7 without heels
Dress size: UK 8-10
Shoe Size: UK Size 6
Orientation: Bisexual
Nationality: American
Education: BA
Interests: History(I know far too much about Genghis Khan and the age of enlightenment!), Cooking, GaminG, Travelling

Favourite Literature: Finance books, Dystopian novels, anything by Ryu Murakami or Maya Angelou.