Fetish Escort

You’re not afraid to admit you like weird sex? Great we’re in the same boat. The term BDSM feels too limiting, as a lot of non ‘mainstream’ sexuality takes place outside of the Dominatrix Submissive dynamic. As a kinky London Escort and fetish escort I not only welcome but completely look forward to explore what makes you tick. My time in Japan, where I spent my formative years certainly did have an impact on my approach to sex, fetishes and identity.

I have plenty of experiences as a fetish escort, so there’s absolutely no need to be coy when approaching me. Life is better when we can play openly. I’ll go above and beyond to explore your fantasies with you.


Ever since I was young I’ve loved the feeling of latex and rubber(balloons mostly! Balloon fetish anyone?) There’s something especially sexy and intimate about being constantly constricted by latex. It’s subtle yet it’s presence is always felt there. Not to mention, it looks pretty cool. If you have a latex fetish and we have a latex meet in the summer, please have air conditioning ;)


Ah—foot fetishises. Probably the staple of “weird” fetishes before /b/ and the rest of Internet depravity became mainstream. I like to keep my feet pretty, with regular polish days and soaks. I’ve also recently discovered that I get a wee tingle when having the stroked. For a foot fetish, to have a mutually fun experience, seeing a London fetish escort like myself makes a huge difference rather than seeing a run of the mill provider. Plus, you could having me purring like Eartha Kitt.


If asked, I’d rate my ass pretty high. What sets me apart from my many lovely fetish escort colleagues in London, is that I’m one of the few of similar backgrounds as myself. Finding an independent high end ebony escort in London is already hard enough, and to find one with a great ass and welcomes ass fetishes / ass worship? You’re in luck. Beyond spanking and anal play I really can’t get enough of having my booty rubber and adored.


As a general BDSM practitioner, roleplay is a staple. However given my background of intense love of all things kink and incorporating it into my journey as a fetish escort, I take roleplay to the next level.

While Fifty Shades may have piqued the curiosities of the mundane, I know what you want is far more intricate, involved and totally taboo. Thankfully, I want it too. Roleplay is a huge reason why I chose to establish myself as a fetish escort and my regular play sessions always keep me interested. Some of my favourite dynamics are: boss/secretary, lecturer/student, master/pet, intruder, get the idea. You can read more about my roleplay liaisons on either my domination or submissive pages.


This could include roleplay, or you may just have a thing for uniforms. I spent a good time of my life attending comic and anime conventions, so cosplay is something I’ve always had an interest in. If you’d like something more on the adult side of cosplay fetish, let me know and I’ll do my best to source a uniform. My time in Japan has led me to have great connections for cosplay costume companies.


I find shoe fetishes to be an all around winner. You get to give me luxury shoes, I get a new pair of Jimmy Choos or Louboutin’s I’ve always wanted, and best of all I get my lovely feet looked after. Beyond luxury shoes, shoe fetishes could be for high stilettos. Or perhaps you’d love to see me in sky high stripper platform shoes?


Stocking fetish allows for oh-so-much! Whether they be classic nylon stockings, smoothly adorning my long legs or neon bright stockings. I love the feeling of them, and I’d love to let you see me wear them.